About SOLS

In early 2019, four women came together to network and share their passion for language learning. They connected every month and began talking about the state of the language learning community. 

All noticed that at every international polyglot event, there were very few Black women and very few Black speakers. So they decided to create an event for Black women where all the participants would feel seen and heard…and the Sisters Only Language Summit was born!  

In April 2020, the Sisters Only Language Summit held its first live event.  Over 75 women from all over the world attended virtually and expressed their gratitude for finally having a space where they could connect with other Black women over their passion for languages.

Meet the Founders

Tamara is a certified Neurolanguage Coach® and the founder of Spanish Con Salsa. She uses the site and podcast to teach Spanish through Latin music and cultural immersion. 

Shahidah is the founder of Black Girls Learn Languages, a multi-platform digital community for black women who are passionate about languages. 

Desta is the founder of Languages Through Music. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching languages, theatre, and intercultural communication.

LeDonna is a certified Neurolanguage Coach® and founder of Discovering Language where she provides resources on language, culture, and travel