Agenda & Speakers

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Kickoff and Welcome - 10:00 am

Using Your Language in Your Passion Even when You're Not Fluent Yet - 10:15 am

Jelisa Jay Robinson

Jelisa Jay Robinson is a Black American playwright from Houston, Texas. Her plays include The Stories of Us, Fae and Paciencia, Delivery, Circle and We Both Suck Our Teeth. She’s forever a student of Spanish, and a new student of Igbo and Nigerian Pidgin English (via her husband).

Glass Half Full: Speak French and Sip like a Sommelier - 11:15 am

Diondra Musgrave

Diondra Musgrave grew up in a military family and has lived throughout the U.S. and abroad. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs from George Mason University and TEFL certification from Georgetown University. After teaching English in France for two years, Diondra founded the Parliament Language Academy to help build Black multilingualism and culturally competent global citizens. Diondra currently lives in Richmond, Virginia has received a level 1 Award in Wines from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), and is earning her Masters of Public Administration and Juris Doctorate. 

Panel Discussion: Learning and Living a Language Abroad - 12:30 pm

Kayla Rodriguez, Tyra Beaman of Black Beyond Borders, Savannah Botombia of Across Culture

Tyra Beaman is a native of Richmond, Virginia and is a proud Spelman College Alumna.  While at Spelman, Tyra co-founded an international education company, Black Beyond Borders, LLC., dedicated to empowering and instilling the black community with cross-cultural tools to study abroad, with purpose.

Savannah is the founder of Across Culture International Opportunities. She was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, attended kindergarten in Germany, was raised in London, and worked in Spain.

Savannah’s cultural and academic experiences have helped her to understand first-hand the personal, cultural, and educational benefits achieved through international opportunities from a young Black woman’s perspective

Across Culture International opportunities is a mission-driven organization helping to remove the barriers to accessing global education opportunities for underrepresented young Black people in the Uk. We believe that Race should never be a barrier to travel and education opportunities.

American Sign Language Presentation - 1:30 pm

Kim Muhammad & Tiara Ma'atess

Heritage Languages: Are They Worth Our Time? - 2:15 pm

Wynnie Lamour & Darnelle Champagne

Wynnie is an Educator with a focus on Language & Communication. She has spent the last several years teaching Haitian Creole in the New York City metro area to a wide array of language learners, including non-profit professionals, public school teachers, and entrepreneurs. Wynnie has a BA in Linguistics from Cornell University and an MA in Urban Affairs from CUNY Queens College. Her philosophy of teaching is rooted in the idea of “Mindfulness”, which promotes community and connectedness, while establishing a sense of pride and respect for both the Haitian language and culture.

Although Darnelle Champagne was born and raised in New York, her first spoken language is Haitian Creole. Currently as an educational service provider Darnelle counts on her years of experience with children to serve them based on their individual needs. Darnelle has a BA in Metropolitan Studies from New York University and an MA in Early Childhood Education also from New York University. She holds a NYS certification in Early Childhood Education (Birth-grade 2) and a NYS certification in Students with Disabilities (Birth-grade 2). Darnelle is raising three curious and lively multilingual children with her husband Vladimir.

#Translatethemovement: Translation and Interpretation in Social Justice - 3:15 pm

Jamila Ball

Jamila Ball, Esq. works internationally as the Founder of Jamii Linguists, a multilingual communications department for freedom fighters. Jamii Linguists provides interpreting, translation, and various language services to mission-driven organizations. With Jamila’s 18+ years as a Spanish linguist, she specializes in Black-centric language coaching that promotes intercultural connections in the African diaspora.

Wrap Up & Group Selfie - 4:00